What is love? Share My thoughts?

love is like the sky, .love is like a lie, .love is like a delusional tie.

It comes & goes when we dun realize…
cause love is just a translucent stage we derive..

but I know its all above. A mirage that I see no horizon.

Love is when i am in a world of ecstasy when that someone should dawn.

I don’t know what it is that LOVE has done to me
But it’s caused me to act in such a crazy way.. things I never thought I would explore the bay.
Whatever , whenever however ..’crazies it does me.. makes me cry..makes me weep, makes me gay.
It’s just that feeling that I want to stay which I know the final outcomes may turn astray.
cause my heart starts beating triple time with thoughts of loving that THE 1 on my mind path my way. (yet..The 1 …where r U babe…. show thyself…)

I can’t figure out no more or contemplating just what to do
When the cause and cure lies on my open option ..( which I cant do)

I see no end in such dramatic LOVE poetry, an illusion..a delusion wich my heart dwells a NEVER.

But I am just feeling happy coz my perception of LOVE hopefully persist whatever, however, 4ever..

I think I gotta go now…………….. No matter Love will derive or not…

The dawn is drawing real real near.. I think I really gotta go now(whisper)