Another day of a New Year just silently crawled & passed me by,

Another year of quiet moments swiftly slipped  & creeped me with no cry.
Facts of truth that I am familiar with these dawning moments,
Facts of no denials that I am not at all anticipating no torments.
I am not alone… there are similiar souls out there.. sharing the quiet passing year, maybe self consoled, perhaps dinity. I do believe, I trust my instinct.
I may not see eye to eye wth majority that COUNTING  DOWN is an event coz I really do appreciate to be left alone.. my habitual, my preferences, my cage.
My wishes of a Smashing year ahead to all.. especially to all the ones that shower me with loves or had showered love… & but of course to all the ones that I ever cross pathed.. all my dear pals out there may it be aquintances.
My sanity persist, so I rather be sober as I am blogging this Blessings to all out there.. I wld rather not b thrashed & twisted, not that I am looking forward to any with intend instances.
No resolution , NO demands, No restrictions FOR my new year.. Just mere greetings… wishes… regards attached to all.