its so hard to hide the day frm Night.. Trust me I can vividly tell what is right.. its just another joke God planted with delight.


The daylight fades and color starts dimming to stream in the sky, But only few of us are watching, I always always wonder why.

But I assure is worth the sight, amber tints blending with silent plight , beauty of night break strolls with rhythms without a lie.

The darkness decorated with its brilliant stars, tiny crescent or a full moon may submerge, comforting & relief me from my cry.

But I could tell day from night & right from wrong, some miracle did not just happen to me I am affirm because I know i cant rely.

just realized my stumbling words represent nothing, perhaps like flint particulars, we see not a thing but my intuitions never shy

vibrating matters shivers and all I could do
is to wander, maybe to my wistful prayers, I will just play along when story told i buy

the order of words is only a fluke not ordained or chosen by a thoughtless dude, I just want to feel the warmth again before i die

meaning truths is just a gossip of nuisance I insist ,unsystematically and without purpose, surrender ego for that youthful tie.

by accepting signifiers unintentionally set me in flaming fire curse becoz manifesting in action is my lame expect to path i rely.