Charles Baudelaire, borne April 9, 1821 – August 31, 1867, educated in LYON is one of the major innovators in french literature. His poetry is influenced by the French romantic poets of the earlier 19th century, although its attention to the formal features of verse connect it more closely to the work of the contemporary ‘Parnassians’. His famous book “The flowers of Evil’ Les Fleurs du mal is a volume of french poetry published 1857 .. with words that emphasized modern transpiring deals with themes relating to decadence and eroticism.

an altered edition was spotted on my email;

Etoile de mes yeux, soleil de ma nature, toi, mon ange et ma passion… Je veux batir pour toi, ma belle, ma déesse, un autel souterrain au fond de ma détresse, et creuser dans le coin le plus noir de mon coeur, loin du desir mondain et du regard moqueur, une niche, d’azur et d’or emaillée, où tu te dresseras, Statue Émerveillée… Je ferais pour ta tete une enorme couronne, et te voir dans une robe, la plus bonne… Jette dans mes yeux pleins de confusion, l’appareil sanglant de la destruction!

mots que j’ai reçu, mais toujours douté de ceux qui en ont écrit.

J’ai ma version dans ma langue qui a été à nouveau en termes de guerre

she detest!!!…SHE SAYS:”

Stars of your eyes I may seem to be temporary but tragically just based on your own illusional disguised!!
Sunlight of your soul I could never be, because we are separated by ruthless of red sea depth If u realized!!
Your angel And your passion I was a moment is as good as can be, I now feared to look at you eyes to eyes.
Dreams and your fantasy I am very glad to be, nevertheless, I rarely encountered much of them materialized.

Passion is as much of an object as an obsession, Lust is much of humanity desires as a wistful anticipation.
Love is as much of an emotional turmoil as your delusion while i am lost and contemplating to find direction.

Love n passion -Y everybody seems to want it, Y everyone seems to seek it,
Lust n truth- Barely few ever achieve it, those who do, might never cherish it,
I appreciate I could be lost in it, and with your assurance that u never will forget it.
I hesitate every step ahead of it, and I know whatever the outcomes, I’m already in it!
But I dun get it. This game i am not good in it! And I allowed myself to sink in it! Damn it!

his Assurance!!!???.. HE SAYS:”

My illusion is far more adventurous than what you realize behind your own disguise as mine is just another awaited surprise.

The Mediterranean has a beautiful scent that the red sea’s ruthless depth sinks in jealousy of despise but not the distance of the eyes.

The eyes can see further than the horizon where the sea leads the sight on a wave of passion to angels in the skies.

My dreams do not understand that the sky is the limit and my fantasy is just an abrupt jumble without letting my core be materialized.

Passion is obsession, addiction, elation, jubilation without any direction or even one single anticipation as it is a total unexpected heartless but mind creation.

Love is just another lie with a direction to destruction or a revival with new wings of fire leading to a rapture in a phoenix’s world of emancipation.

Love and Passion, they come and go like the clouds above our heads but the memory stays.

Lust and truth, combined, impossible, like two magnets opposed letting one another sway.

My Memories are deeper than the Kola Borehole where all the pleasure of the past are buried along the way.

I’ll hold your hand when you have to go through the darkest and most delightful memories of my nights and days.

Life is a game and wouldn’t everyone love to have a pleasant undisruptive play?