Darkness . the gap . the smile.. the moments.. and the lies.. 

treasured and will hold on piling a diary of secret society criesssss

I can’t believe in what I’ve seen
I been forsaken. I been deceived
I felt Cast aside and left behind
I had crystal eyes that seemed blind

I been yearning and waiting for the miracle
I was trapped in  paradise lost with age cycle
I knew  all my decision may be a ruthless way
I have been waiting for the day to walk away 
I feared the depth of the deep red sea as its prey
I’m leaving to stay in a way,I’m walking away

I  have shared unforgettable  sunrise at coast of  morning sky
I had to wake up from this sunset that never derive like its lie
I do believe my intuition , God’s gift ! or a curse it could be
I am now taking my leave to stay rational and determine