What is my maximum ability ? In words of truth I now spoke humanity .. In a days I saw 4 seasons in sanity! I am now weak as a cotton candy – can I really just go ALL IN??lWhat abt U? If
U were me ? Try picture in ….

Too fast too furious , too tired too tedious !! Too rush too ambitious !
I could almost see my falls in helpless ….

I have defenselessly walk in my reverie,
In helpless silence . A famished refugee

Cornered into choice-less path I built myself my own tomb without knowledge

Delegation skills that was not in my system is the demolition beyond salvage

No More possibility in my tale but a winding o folks’ story,
No hiding space defending handsome rights from wrongs’ sorry ‘ !

Others ‘ Doubts will undoubtedly be my apathy concerned generally ,
Burning living quarters of my weakening soul is killing myself by me subtly ,
Crowding my thoughts into my self surrender,
Leaving no place my dream of wistful sublime battles .

Desperately to release my destined crime

Lured to abandon all possibility of define.

Cornered to verge of quiet peaceful loneliness,
Though humming with a debris history inside,
Cacophony intermingling with hopelessness,
Contradict soul caught within a swirling tide.