I’m intrigued with my inability with scasisim specially whom I long known ! 

I’m utterly raging when – “a pot calling a kettle ” unknowingly how agonic I swallow !

I’m sick of presenting my soul especially To those who’ll never even space a thought ! 

I’m certain my withdraw from social reticent certainly 

( unless u r a drug free angel- otherwise zip that sparring knife of thy tongue – helpless I hv no power to compel !! ironic of u to judge qualitative substance abuse while inducing my chronic spell ! I reckon I should jus stay away to keep my carelessness by myself ) – — whisper – perhaps just staying less loud would save me from moment of hell !! Just moved on alone since I know I hv my shortcomings but listen – they’re no angel – in humanity – look at the reflection n i swear u will know more then weLL  

Just how purposeless and empty they’ve subconsciouslyn rapidly grown

I saw a liquid control ,That gives life to a soul just through bubbles blow
I hit my head on it and woke up to know it’s selfishly giving the life a Throw

I’m freezing and losing my way ,won’t need another map that leads astray
Wearing just socks and a phone.. I am stuck , I am alone ..I see myself sway

I’m tired n patience null to those I once cared so much yet they gave it away
Sitting , waiting wishing

Ps if u r reading this Alien… – I hold no hatred for u .. Deep inside …. U knew my good over my defects … U knew u owe me too much but my lips stayed zipped … I could be evil with proofs u hv no idea I have to safe guard against u… Pls ….. For the genuine love we once had.. Spare me with your concern n kp to thyself… Show me another PYLH if u could.. I m just human … But I de reserve all that effort I put .. Darling,,,, I hv. No idea .. No wist that I was going to be facing what I managed but am apathy now… U knew I was an attention seeker n u stabbed me bad,… I m proud to declare I m officially no more sitting on STEEL chair I used to rely n hacked care. But .. I do owe u a HAVE A SMASHING HATCH day my friend .. U can put aside the furious eyes .. N spare the tears on the day I die … Not too a long time… I promised u will for me ..shed n cry .. I saw me in a tinnie space through u with my sight amazed .. Whisper 等 – ( speak but spare a thought )