It’s been long since I last found time to voice myself. To appreciate all that awaits ..

There’s so much to tell yet when the moment came for my pen to spell , Overwhelmed myself.. , the words could not express the opening line but well,!!! Sadly.again!, … The words withdrawal

There’s this young boy from Adelaide – and the cross path of 2 different individual took event… I was not misleading nor was i defending with a crafty game. its solely platonic n like innocence of the purest Snow White flakes- with inherited musical talents, he wrote n played a song of me in his memory lane .-

In vivid recollection , I was just beside his sick bed till I heard him deep alseep before taking my leave… Ain’t this just what anyone should be doing even before any brief ? – LD – u r much appreciated but again, my constant demon is my constant self reminder of my elderly in age.

The words n melody I so wished to share but even without the rhythm of your tunes – your words are seen ..even when I knew its incomplete .. I am sure u will make it a HIT. ! 😉

I wana close my eyes
And I know yr there
I wana fall in love with you everywhere
And I promise U everyday
when I say… coz yr my Dream Lady

I wana close my eyes
When yr next to me
I wana feel the love for Eternity
And I promise U every night and day…
When I Say… coz yr my dream lady