Situation i could move no forward, check mate!

SuRRRRender? could be now ?my slogan will overthrow this blog – burdened by family Ties

I was spoilt at the beginning of my tale

I managed 2 climb and finally cope with the reals

I drew a blood line to have myself very constantly remind!

I placed my family above all leaving what I yearned behind!

with No wheels nor a car , I adapted fast with NO resentment .

with No helps nor maids ! I cleaned , swept & ironed garments.

with little experience, I stumbled , I cried, I laughed with fulfillment!

with ample confidence, I dwelled in achieving in my brand development .

ironically… I traded in early properties but I have houses but not one I consider a HOME

I am not over with it as I am in deep thoughts – indulging self-pity for a little this time zone

My declaration – I owe NO one no favours while people owed me a life i care not to mention

Life’s word game , the crafty win by words or brainy earn by plans n plots implication

Life is my morbid battle , i can not retreat now but my flaming cores are in complication