Don’t hate even if u don’t like me – take me as I me or watch me as I do ACT disappear


It all started with an impulsive purchase of an exquisite branded bracelet, which tempted her to want for more. With her gifted trait in handmade art, the most practical thought came to mind – self attempt at weaving out the masterpiece! Soon, Penn started sharing her pieces among friends, who egged her on to start her signature brand, and let’s say the rest is history…


Nicknamed KitKat by her friends, Penn, a Cancerian is into myths, legends and fairy tales of sorts. The nocturnally inspired artist devotes all her time to her passion for all kinds of handcrafted art, which include the recent handmade weave accessories.
In the earlier years, Penn owned an event company and dedicated most of her time in her handmade crafts business – Paper Tole – the art of constructing 3-dimensional image from a 2-dimensional print. The Paper Tole is a very niche art and the skill is almost extinct. Today, her signature artworks are still on display at high-end boutiques owned by friends. Penn has since moved on to trendier pursuits, creating a craze and following with her gorgeous handmade accessories. She started the intricate weaving hobby-turned-business in 2011.
She says
Good things feel more complete when you see it in person than just hearing how people describe them to be. As the saying never deceives – seeing is more believing, for thy eyes decipher speedier than the thoughts that believe..” – KitKat Penn