once a long upon ago…beauty is seen through the eyes of the beholder, words of an artist that saw the world from a corner… With the force of nature, made of dirt and dust into a beautiful creature… The mystical clouds are visions vivid and when mind is strong n thoughts are clear, the skies. Could tell a hidden tale ..

warmth of shining sun enabled the shell of the soul to feel and fear came in to attack as weather chill. The wind is every thought in wandering minds and the turbulence of nature represents what’s inside… The stars are every single smile formed into a constellation, and when the rain falls, darkness becomes a sensation… roaring thunders awakening those adrenalin that runs beneath the body work of veins and under… Red sea, tranquil and unpredictable is the blood within …often calm but traumatic transitional, like a wave full of massive power, a raging fuel of desire… Left me all alone from yet another occurring mares I dare to infinitely bare.

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IMME – director, producer , model , well I hv to humbly admit I m just fair for any problem — I am good — paisei but I hv shortcomings but. A better off a lot