“Attitude is little thing that makes a big difference” said Winston Churchill.

A positive attitude gives a positive result whereas the negative, gives a

negative Substitute

I dread for the confidence of achieving anything and removes the doubt and lethargy. If you ask how this can be done rather than whether this can be done, it is positive attitude. Evidently, a positive attitude towards life determines certain crucial times

Attitude makes all the difference in life. A positive attitude has the capacity to give me some courage to look into my reflection – N motivation to move humbly on ..

It takes so much more courage to stay humble than hauling arrogance !!


casper vs. devil
mirror has 2. facese


  1. mirror2 in the wall !! am i not the worst iof all
    a hideaway – from. self accepting.


kikiculte by kiki .. I M ME

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=39iOW4Nhi3o&feature=plppI m ur wet dreams cum night mares

an extremist woke the monster creativity by a slight wiggle that’s fate I wrapped my own assumption before summarizing with a smirking grin ! I m the huge unexpected loud ugly duckling that lay chicken eggs !! If u think its funny — ur humored position I seriously get should share your tickles for moments as I had to place my balls that gets in the way — I m Jus human – not very common but inevitably to humanity – 2 choice is a avail on my cv Hate her guts or love her roughs — n — god was playing no trick but probably hving his tee off oB !! I hv walk a path–that endulgence was once an excessive luxuries but I took the back door n crawled my bleeding kneels bac to ruthless reality ! I asked…

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