I deserved to be torn apart but I ought to know it & I do hv to  admit ,

I am so naive and stupidity is my dagger  I sliced my own flesh  with.

I could almost taste the blood of the scene Horrid.

I endured people with pinches of salt  2 rub on it .

I tried to repent but I can’t seem to reject a simple plead! Why is NO not leaking from my lips? ,
I keep all to myself n kept on digging my grave.
I keep asking myself ” am I sick or sadistic to call upon all this?”

Then I asked no more
Then I realized furthermore
The day shall come when I can’t feel at all
The day I am constantly dying to befall

There’ll be no words, no pain, no complains , no  more issues of S11 , no responsibility for me to be me.