Let it go

always trying to keep a close watch on this heart of mine!
while never able to keep my eyes wide open all the time!

trying so very hard to keep the ends out for the tie that binds,
am now at a stage of walking straight cuz of my rational mind.

the frozen mind tossing awake cld not tell night is dark and day is light!
the route is swaying by wrongs from rights in both my day and night..

selfishly trying to keep the burning cores ,
and that gothem smile like a piecing roar.
back to walking the line cuz I knw god has given me more ,
i am doing the general of RIGHT perceive by overall !!

always turning away to keep a mile’s distance from where i lost my smile

while inevitably persist temptations around ,
which i reckon thats running way too wild

i have pride to break the steel ,since I have the conscious still !
i have planned my life and written my will, despite of situation surreal !
i have decided that i want to be real just to fight this ruthless humanity shield ….