Recap of the journey of KIKIs…

the birth of kikis

I build a world from the outside bound …

Kiki ‘path of hurdles.. Before she finds her key

If the definition of a biography is to mark the exquisite encounters Of ones worth… I might end this bio site with a book with words like the infinite horizon. In abrupt way it may seem, some things are a better feel entire complete in displayed pictures rather than words with description.. As the saying never deceive… Seeing is believing, for thy eyes are speedy than the thoughts that decipher belief.

Kikis comes in ranges I categorized under

Le classicque – the classic range of gemstones,cats eye tiger eye ,onyx , porcelain , alloy nickel free beads

Le glam – the glittering glams of czeh crystals on plastic, Alloy or clay beads

Le Roche – the tribal , the bones the combination the skulls in the world of rockers and trends…

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