The Naked Truth – the mirror Does hv 2 faces

On the 2 wheels fancy cars –

no expectation no deception =
no more me I could only
have them spelled silently –

Mid life crisis battling within me, Carefree whispering tempting melody !

I ain’t as competent as the workload wining me to insanity

I ain’t saint as i revealed e mask Humanity –

those embracing parties I envied discreetly –

those efforts n OL duties !! / I drowned gradually !

These burning passion – drifted frm me – kiki .

These contradicting situation – –
I m guilty – I seek no Pity cus I knew I could spell ReSpoNSibility-

living by the moments – appreciate I was once ecstatically there – the darker the night, body drained mind denies!

– I think I gotta go now – a song by SLOVO– Whisper ( google n I Guaranteed its worth all the trouble indeed

kikiculte by kiki .. I M ME

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Kikis on bike rides

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