Tortured in disguise with open scars .,
Shattered in the skies without stars.

A darkness that filled a core with a color that a brush can’t paint..
A painter who wanted to paint the sky blue just to tell you how he feels for you…

But a painter was only a writer and what he wrote were only on paper..

And there the mother fairy – whispering to the dreamer – it’s always good not to paint ! –

Stars fell down the sky like a chandelier made of crystals hit with a hammer… Millions of shattered pieces hit the ground causing a ghastly clamor…

My words diapered in the air and my heart melted into cold tears… Like an army of soldiers struck my corse with thousands of spears!!!

Thrash these bad memoirs as it shall return no morre mon amore !
That’s just living by the moments after all ! So live on my doll –