An exhilarating, beautiful woman.
You are exquisite to such coherent .
Aphrodite would torture herself dead to have your flares that speaks simplicity.
Ninon would cause pain to herself just to haves slice of your flesh to taste creativity .
Cleopatra would drown herself into the Nile, leaving the snakes to prey for impossibility.
Venus would dive from cotton candy clouds crashing into the ground in ignorance gravity.
Pygmalion’s statue would never come to life for it will break into millions pieces with envy.
Cupid would fall for you, forgetting the existence of psyche. Just to be near your company.

The sun that rises from the east would lose its directions ..
but it will always keep shining on you without conditions !
The lights behind your shoulder, glowing your creations . ,
crawling slowly on your neckline in search of recognition !
The path is clear of darkness because of your determination.

The moon will hide its face and embrace your insanity presentation ,.
Behold, to lighten the world with your smile during dark nights invasion.

Chateaubriand, would lose his sense of Sylphide to ideal Utopia perfection ?
As you are his ideal idea of U-top-Ia drifting his thoughts due your immersion .

Beaudelaire would be speechless, without a word to write poetry composition ,
And leaving the ink on the quill to draw your lips in a world of his imagination.

Shakespeare would lose his sanity and stay backstage, fearing your dazzling sensation..
Amadeus Mozart would play the violin on his veins, cutting deep into his cores abrasion.
Beethoven would only be able to hear your soothing voice as rhythms of musical salvation.

Time stops at certain moments and it is you that makes the world keep going round repetition .
The sky would not dare to be your limit but your gateway to eternity stays it’s wistful decision.
Even if tears drop, there will always be a smile, looking in your eyes without controlled action.

Such a piece of art ? I am just human thou art… This moment .. I need to recap words to refresh yet refrain my tendency to path ‘retard’ ,.