Stars of your eyes I may seem to be temporary but tragically just based on your own illusional disguised!!
Sunlight of your soul I could never be, because we are separated by ruthless of red sea depth If u realized!!
Your angel And your passion I was a moment is as good as can be, I now feared to look at you eyes to eyes.
Dreams and your fantasy I am very glad to be, nevertheless, I rarely encountered much of them materialized.
眼睛闪闪示天上星,似乎是暂时的,但可悲的只是根据自己的令闪星变革- 虚幻变相!

天使也会变魔鬼。每段关系感觉每次落霞便露得清么! ,过度激情一个时刻一样好,一样可以,现在害怕的眼睛对眼睛- 俩目传递,好吃不消的一幕-



Passion is as much of an object as an obsession, Lust is much of humanity desires as a wistful anticipation.
Love is as much of an emotional turmoil as your delusion while i am lost and contemplating to find direction.

Love n passion -Y everybody seems to want it, Y everyone seems to seek it,
Lust n truth- Barely few ever achieve it, those who do, might never cherish it,
I appreciate I could be lost in it, and with your assurance that u never will forget it.
I hesitate every step ahead of it, and I know whatever the outcomes, I’m already in it!
But I dun get it. This game i am not good in it! And I allowed myself to sink in it! Damn it!