The last bits of kitty…. Killing to snap the rope …

kikiculte by kiki .. I M ME

To my Dutch bro ed@buddhatobuddha。’

Whence that three-cornered smile of phenomenal bliss, 3angels gave me at once a kiss”
A moment in my memory lane that ain’t like the old sayings ” a kiss is still a kiss .
A dream inside that flutters excitement with expectations of the arrival gift I so wished .

Those cherub cheeks, tiny hands, n the best ever smelling feet, I have chosen to offer you a choice to lock this once in a life moments mist —
My passion is to mold those infant limbs into -a 3 Dimensional memoir of such that in a year an the next after … You shall smirk n grin a little .. Appreciating my services regrets was not missed

behind scenes of the construction of a 3d time piece ! 20131031-191912.jpg20131031-192023.jpg20131031-192125.jpg

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