The shut eyes was longer … Much longer than usual , more unconscious .
The overnight tears must have done some anti puff remedy by subconscious .

Ignorant of what day n date is no signification living a morbid nocturnal regardless
Only my soul will give a thought of my life , or be by me every dreadful bills that’s endless

The ruthless aligns me cold blooded
The smirk gradually left .
The smiles eventually flooded into a diffident crowd Macbeth –

And I , the cause , the Pow of al these tragic deriveS –
And I , doubt I wil live long to find my intended revive ,,

My Burning cores in me started a tune – my father above played a great joke on me – gifts of vision that sees in the night instead of light

My ego hid myself fighting away to interact n stand put a front a ME , drastically my 2013 had an impact so hard I finally had to admit – I so wished for 2014 before I can’t b strong to make to it ,