In retrospect, I would wished the year of the Horse might change my destiny in the 2014 journey! 6 days ago, when I landed in this famous legendary island claiming its beauty of the golden sands, gears of the fast &furious n the sights of blonds in their tiniest piece of cloth materials has pretty much failed my expectation to such applauding scene I was told.

I have not been to the beach despite my access residing in the FountainBleu Hotel, still the lead of the “MUST BE SEEN” night spots for most bazaar events like the current BOAT SHOWs 2014. I was here to escape my ill reality. A Bentley awaits as my arrival & departure transport, my appreciation extends via cyber waves. But the Miami vibes did not turn me on as the immigration held me 3 hours in the Q n the 30 hours traveling time had drained my positive energies way off my nature self. Upon arrival to the infamous Fountain Bleu!

The valentines I spent yet again in Miami did not resurrect me from fate being alone ? Unexpected news from home pulled me down through another worrying heart beating tone !!

Perhaps this is not my battle to fight ! Perhaps I am not granted with rights?
Maybe this is the path my fate lies ?
Maybe it’s just a joke – I now realized .