This is for Cristian Mihai on his perception on ARTIST .. – Nostalgia –

Passion is as much of an object as an obsession,
Lust is much of humanity desires as a wistful anticipation.
Love is as much of an emotional turmoil as your delusion
while i am lost and contemplating to find direction.

Love n passion -Y everybody seems to want it, Y everyone seems to seek it,
Lust n truth- Barely few ever achieve it, those who do, might never cherish it,
I appreciate I could be lost in it, and with your assurance that u never will forget it.
I hesitate every step ahead of it, and I know whatever the outcomes, I’m already in it! –
But I dun get it. This game i am not good in it! And I allowed myself to sink in it! Damn it!

My art lead me here – the same art could leash me there ! Cristian – my nostalgia


Cristian Mihai

nostalgia I realized something today about the way certain works of art make me feel, something I couldn’t exactly describe until now.

So, here goes nothing: Certain works of art make us feel nostalgic about things we never even experienced.

For a few minutes or hours or whatever, we find ourselves submerged in a world that could never really exist, and at the same time we feel that if it were to exist, it would still be a world we’d never belong to.

It’s a strange feeling, to read about experiences you never experienced, to see things you never saw in person, to hear what your ears never heard, and feel nostalgic about them. It’s like a deja vu, actually.

I believe the biggest difference between artists and “normal” people is the artists’ ability to describe what everyone feels, and sometimes, if they’re lucky, to describe something no one else has…

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