It’s a pain to stand by him .. It’s an agony to hurt his feelin’s a fact
I can’t enjoy the alcohol tipsy feeling – it’s so passé to “Finkk HEAD in public! It’s perhaps I am the sober culprit ! It’s awesome to b a natural high state ! It’s my fault to have u implicate

It’s my bad I spoil u to complicate – I took the blame – my hands speaks again – if I could be that KcUF up ! With ability to make a good use of it ! ? I wil sell the idea ;$ imme – dun KCUF up my life my bro – I m wistful for peace not pissed I filmed the 9pm session – but was fuming in zouk with no alcohol intake – I told u I quit ! I did ! We were once sooo close but now , it’s to me a SHOW !