Words could not simply express the explanation !

Walking to the black 26 with a sense of rejection .. ,
Driving from the signature scene with confusion??
Unable to form any picture under thoughts of indigestion..
Attempting to uplift the day by blaming on scents overreaction!
Disliking the rejection ! Emotional turmoils arising questions?

I could handle Dark when there ain’t at all light.!
I battle day Light staying in the shade to feel right!

There ain’t time enough for the priority and personal fragments.
There aint time enough to make a palace from the ruins settlements .
There aint time enough to make a Universe from its atoms entitlement !
There ain’t time enough to feel bad . There ain’t just fairy tales .. Amen

Memory is phobia of the all of everything And the zero of nothing..
There is time enough to make a soul from souls., and also depending…

Dim and brilliant., r only those whose could perceive & decipher !
Bereft and delirious… Perhaps it’s only friendship that could deliver !

Philosopher and clown!, . I was just the lameness juggling clown for now.
Saint and sinner..perhaps I misread.. Maybe it’s the first attempt n felt down.

Perhaps just move on.. .Be my friend… I certainly do hv the qualifications.
everything in between.Like you I am a universe of compatible contradictions.