CREDIT for KARAN AWANIJESH- my mentor ! 

 A Linkedin connection encouraged my guts OF GALLS to share my talking / lying – Selfies – 

 I gave a bit of a thought and digested with derives :”even if it’s a lie to tell – it’s rated pretty well !

My Lying Selfies won many hearts & attracted many attention I used to be proud of them. 

 Thus , pause!! & think! The making of selfies itself sounds bad enough for even great selfies ???”
It’s a agonic torment , a journey of pathetic silence, a hyper focus repeated practices perfect achieves ,!

Casper in white , Devil in Red .. They were striking battle poses in those dazzling  Thoughts in me  !

The jamming of notes just flared out of space”. I am a broken note in this symphony tragedy . 

 I declare – It’s all a one take captures ! Praises was intruding but now  I am numbed & apathetic ! ,

Despite complimented so often until I counter asked? : ” how happy can it be ! perfection deriving from multiple practices .. How sad it could be to do solitary bed selfies ?

Every shot has a story- every tales are indifferent – 

May some b imaginary ! – sad or happy !
But years past now a pro ever ready !
My cries could shed no visual tears
My life dies gradually with no fears
My destiny to others a fairy tale 

My mission to share my fulfill

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