I did not know what , when , how it took place?…
I still do not understand why the distance got astray?
The thoughts Of having a soul by side is now distancing way.
No questions no pesters! I could only just take some time away – I pray.

Once upon a time, love was everything to make one climb
These words of premium – maxim. Is just not a vivid crime!

CON il tuo NOME

With blurred eyes through the indistinct clouds I see the skies,
The tears of the sun appear like rain drops and a bird by my side flies,

it leaves the tree by my side with shaken branches and wet leaves,
they leave the tears drop on my shoulder down to my sleeves,
with wrists tied by torn ropes of the past, head leaning on the air I breathe,
it leaves the warmth on lips & cold flows within my body from underneath!

my shoulder is wet & felt a crack tear a part of hidden soul inside my core,
the cut leaves another scar but my eyes remain still battles unbearable sore!

my melancholy lets time fly like a cure even though my scars are invisibly deep,
my eyes remain still and my smile is covering my soul that is in a state to weep,

I see the sun right in the palm of my hands and with a touch I feel the bird,
it flies further away diminishing into an earth that remains sand cover unheard,

I hear the train calling me from a distance, still my eyes and the bird turns back for a short instance,
I see the sun, I look at the bird, I feel my shoulder burn, the image is rerun,

my mind is on a journey taken by an unstoppable train,
the stillness of my mind keeps the train waiting in vain,

I look at the past with blurred eyes and I see the sun in front of me,
below my feet the rain drops turn into a nightmare of blue icy sea,
I taste the salt on my warm lips and I stand still,
my rusted soul feels nothing but moves the ashes through the cold chill,
I hold the tree by my side with rain drops flowing on my cheeks,
I feel the pain in me rather the cold air that speaks,

my eyes blink but then they close slowly to feel the distance running through my veins,
I continue the journey looking behind my shoulder which is left with wet stains…