My imaginary twin-half
My buddy of teen-hood,

Amidst my dream-mares versus foreign planet
I took efforts to gather my determination , each steps heavier , each attention lacks focus !
spill the words tats never spoken ! Kill my sanity who sees self contradiction !

But some who knew her with attention narrates

“Kiki is a unique creature who loves her kid. I have never met her as a child and know nothing about her grades and discipline in childhood; I saw her playing instruments and she looked quite focused. But I trust her imagination has always been vivid and she might have dreamed of things others were not able to imagine. Some should have thought she was not able to converge and spent too much time “in spaced out clouds”. Disorganization and procrastination the only things that many could see, missing the point her mind is free from schemes, unconventional; so unique she must have thought sometimes of being wrong. Too smart to believe she really is, too fast that she might have felt far from those she truly loves as well. INFP… what is that? Sounds like a disease no one can explain. She definitely has the “soul of an artist” and concentrate in her inner world, asking herself question others have not the courage to ask themselves. “What’s my goal and meaning in life”?

I bet all of us to take the same challenge and find the right answer. It bothers her and sometime leave without peace, majority of people just don’t dare to ask.

“She is thoughtful and considerate; although reserved in expressing emotion, she is very deep and caring. Her warmth can be felt by those she knows better; to a stranger she will be a totally different experience.!
Kiki doesn’t like conflicts, maybe because she doesn’t want to feel bad & rejecting. It seems irrational and illogical, but it doesn’t mean she fails to understand others perspectives and feelings.
She gets confused, jumping from left to right, but reality is, she is too hard on herself and doesn’t give herself enough credit.
Kiki is a world to be discovered every day, to be found in the small details, as perfectionist she is. She has more heart for others than she has for herself; to all who go behind the facade, Kiki reveals herself as the rarest treasure in life.” 
I am not tat noble I know my flaws that in between it lies!