2 blogs accomplished at the same time.. Multitasking passed execution .






Is this imme ? Penn, kiki, & me ?


Amidst my dream-mares versus foreign planet
I took efforts to gather my determination , each steps heavier , each attention lacks focus !
spill the words tats never spoken ! Kill my sanity who sees self contradiction ! Alas – phenomenal evidence reflected like the deficits inheritance .

Alessandro – an Italian 33 – a man I knew 24 months ago –
I told him of my condition – but he connects my recollection.
Is he is real or just my silly hallucination!!!
But I learn of me – with attentive goals execution !! Kiki sounds intriguingly

perception on kiki !
“What sounds familiar to me.!”

“Kiki is a unique creature who loves her kid. I have never met her as a child and know nothing about her grades and discipline in childhood; I saw her playing instruments and she looked quite focused. But I trust her imagination has always…

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