A battle on impaired complications
A platter of neurologic informations !

My emotions I attempted to suppress .
My knowledgeS I focus hyper express !
Ironic logics revealed why underlay awareness !
Amazing truths underlined deficit impairments !

The time I took to summarize was 1 week in self deny , self contradict , self motivate , self recognize , self perseverance , self execute the search of what lies behind just a label with myths underlying !!!
A insignificant title for disorder understating!!!

7days is all I take from verge of fear in labelled discrimination
– quiet approaches I escort ecstasy of joy route focus intention !

It’s just a clause listed with GOOD INTEND to publicity!
Thus , deal with the TRUTH & FACTS of revelation ; –


Some unexplainable diagnosed withheld pros & consequences revelation –
Such knowledges researched generates identities with concrete informations
For those quietly gain power to refrained from impulse reaction
For some basically maximize the intense gifts along deficit deposition

<a href=”https://www.icloud.com/iw/#pages/BAKl-wawdd9w0glah62BshtaTpE73hP9gOWF/Blank_2&#8243;>The Fluorides in Drinking Water