To the better ? ,
To the worst .
To the disorder !
To the cursed.

I held back yet again those self restraint voices that’s contradicting a reality !
I made nights my creative partner while slumbered days avoiding humanity.
I digested focused facts & reviewed with family identifying behavior history.
I dwelled into suspicious culprits contributing malfunction of comorbidity !

I penalized me for impulsive declaration
I patronized psychological consolation

I empathized those goodwills hidden definition
I realized structure hierarchy caused deviation
I sympathized untreated adders with depression .

I shall emphasize no more clarification!
I mite jeopardize theoretical verification !
I recognized antidote loopholes situation
I shan’t memorize pursue identification.

I criticized me of ignorance justification .
I summarized my indifference of abused conduction
I materialized my self sourced medication.
I fantasizes sharing knowledge by consultation
I surprised me some point of such selfless dedication?


I gradually turned those burdened shoulders , it’ was vividly year 2011-
I was then , a , a lost loner by inhibition .capability indulgence
The reason I battled the voice seducing tossing sandchips at baysmarina almost a nightly entertainment solo craze.

the cult I single handed pursed carried it out . No doubt. ,,,,!!!! I am the very blessed amongst my 7% of genetic crowd.

All of my career took position -2011- my deny to medical deficiency -impulsive goals
All the morbid in me has vividly derive some significant passion single handed role.

2006/7/8- the 3 years Of insecurity drew the final curtains of my 14 years of relationship –
I was having the experience of breaking sane vs tearing apart . So hard !
I turned my voice in written tantrums on msn space dairy , I rely on me!

All my life ,
I portrayed significance of flamboyant from out of space !
I apathetically coped my world by self driven . .,self paced
I am affirmative, I may be in another category .
I am apathetic , I now divert aiding others as primary !



My past decade

Nightfalls lavishly stimulants innovative ideas
Dawn dews reconstructs molecules towards horizon bright in fears !
Self indulgence – too much pride , Too
Self motivated with Voice that regulates moral teachings .
Subconsciously, share your tickles for

2 choice is a avail on my cv Hate her guts or love her roughs — n —
god was playing no trick but probably hving his tee off oB !!
I hv walk a path–that endulgence was once an excessive luxuries but
I took the back door n crawled my bleeding kneels bac to ruthless reality !
I asked only for Heath wrt my family n mystery free to my gers
I knew how each fairy tale by memorizing the iBook of I M ME –
I m but just a space out blogger spilling inks of 2 cent thoughts
I hv no one to voice , nor discuss…

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