Amidst my dream-mares versus foreign planet
I took efforts to gather my determination ,
each steps heavier , each attention lacks focus !

spill the words tats never spoken !
Kill my sanity by taken me for granted ?
self contradiction ! Self recognition ! Self motivation? Self declaration !
Self direct, self edit, self criticize, self education, self pity, self evaluate.
Asses is all in ash (~_~) 4€v€R
Alas – phenomenal evidence reflected like the deficits inheritance .

Shattered in skies without stars
Tattered silence , bleeding scars

… A darkness that filled the cores with a color that the brush can’t paint…
A painter who wanted to paint the sky blue just to tell you how he feels for u!
But a painter was only a writer and what he wrote were only on paper…
And there the fairy godmother whispering to the dreamer, Alas painter, Also writer… –
it’s always good not to paint ! – for the more u hv to show , the deeper the pain!

Stars fell down the sky like a rainstorm of smashing chandelier of crystals blast ! …

Millions of shattered pieces hit the ground causing a ghastly clamor… My words diapered in the air and my heart melted into cold tears…
Like an army of soldiers struck my corse with thousands of spears!!!
Thrash those bad memoirs as it shall return no more
Mares of battle fields soldiers cus relate to ur home movie amore

The words are swift swords battling within dimensional cores.
tearing apart unconventional cords
growing like illegitimate sports,
competing in underground courts,
with open doors with statement record
bringing life to journey of walking corpse!

Since the brush that can’t paint no more !
I will rather be blind than having eye sore



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