Amidst more knowledge sees her juggling her thoughts that went uneven rough!
God was playing no trick but probably to flaunt his creativity talents was pretty tough !
It’ ain’t nothing to be proud of? , it’s something inappropriate to raise awareness about!
It’s ain’t something to obsessed about! It’s somewhat to debate The voice With many DOUBTs!

Unconvinced with contrast of impaired comparisons,
Unable to surrender focus for appropriate answers!
Carelessly channelling filter to Slow tempo recognition!
Repeatedly digesting Barkley’s rocket speech as revision
Relentlessly gathering facts with tallied stated recollections

the intensive of her mood depress contributed excessively too much !
even DSM5 eliminate studies & mention no significance of such !

Confused by yet factors her sparkle personality rebels by social reticent ?
Intrigued by explainable deviation of symptoms in self conducted silence !

Perhaps ! It’s the self contradiction ?
Maybe ! It’s the substance reaction !
Thus! definitely wise 4 quiet revision!

Acceptance – definitely – !
Denial – not exactly !

Even the ill holds rightful decision – OF knowing her proposition !
learning her medication !
Coping with son eduction !
Maximizing designated potential !

Predicting shortcomin consequential !
– sluggish , slow , Cognitive Tempo – is way much disturbing –
Looking back with broken pieces
Fitting the jig saw puzzle mysteries
irreversible damaging !
way demoing !!
Much illustrating!
Crystal clearing !

An inattentive deficit seemed more then its
GENERAL term no 1s aware of it ! 


what is Sluggish Cognitive Tempo?