Sometimes what you put down, not because suddenly willing, but because the deadline arrived, willful enough, more mature, this page will know that turning over.

Time, you can learn to love, can prove love, love can be overthrown.

Suspicious of people destined to live hard, too easy to be swayed by other people’s emotions. Sometimes its better to Endure within the suspicion .

Even if you to achieve better, in some foreign eyes is still insufficient for the Society! but that is not all accounted as your problem, is probably the people u dealing with have a major issue in their problem.

Life, a man can go to miss, is fate; miss a man himself, is happy.

You have to do a free and easy happy person can not have a good memory first. Mind this kind of thing, you muzzled, it will come out from the eyes.

You busy, forget I need others to follow suit; you busy, forget I will be lonely; you busy, forget I’m waiting for you over the phone; you busy, forget you promised me. But you know, love is not and so you have time, go to cherish.

I always feel that the time is not enough, but do not know my time is gone, the days before, and I, have been neither good nor bad.

Difficult to retain, called youth. Not explained, called calm. And do not let go, be called love. Barely perfect, called life.

Can not find the desired umbrella, I prefer to pour a lifetime of insane