What is the point of attempting efforts for those forbidden fruits aka also known as passionAte emotion involved !

What is the moral & meaning of such perculiar interaction leading towards a chapter named  LOVE tat revolve

What seemed vivid is evidence explaining  crystal clear when this ironic lust is to spelt BACKwards – from LOVE – turns EVOL ??

Share My thoughts in a sluggish tempo form.

Spare My distraught .. Speechless deform .

once upon a mobid recollection rang a bell &

I shall cherish this precious of attention moments seized

It’ was my cry &

my past I rewind

love is like the sky, .

love is like a definite lie, .

love is but self denied!

loves ends a delusional tie.

A tale of one of a kind perpetually

It comes & goes too fast too furious  , so swiftly at times we jus dun know when exactly  

It potraits lust as another translucent stage with festive recurring historic hell paradise

it worsen the degree of deficiency with the time blindness no one could empathize

It sounds like lust is a jail within unrecognized of morbid tears & solitary sympathize

I don’t know why is this emotional twist my cores within & left me almost breathless in battle for more intakes to stay revitalize ! –

I feel lust & knew it’s not Gona last !? & crying for passion I craved in disguised – to weight such a situation in precise – I summarized & came to logical answers is paying way off overpriced !
I could fight no more Cus it’s so too tedious for i to convey a message without lowering speed of summarized – to ‘Specify my intent i hv my own sympathized -is unbelievably sickening to those who does no sympathize – my life is again jeopardize –

I yearn for touch of magical bliss – popping – remixing agonic +wistfulness  -in my scenerio case  ! It left no choice to opt for – To live with it or /  – without it absolutely!

I reckon this ONEOFAKIND curse, a phenomena pain spills the story & incidentally spells my destiny?

each prediction too vividly  ,, never easy to play the story line in happy ending harmony !

too brain tiring.. So Unfriendly. Too misery. . Often self contradicting , sometime self reprimanding
But it’s caused me to act in such a crazy way I could hardly refrain my defending part of this play!,

. things I never thought I would explore the bay. ,I bravely battle my negatives in my  preferred tempo  way
Whatever , whenever however ..’crazies it does me.. makes me cry..makes me we ep, makes me gay.
It’s just that feeling that I want to stay which I know the final outcomes will definitely turn astray. ( I foesee my destiny )
cause my heart starts beating triple time with thoughts of loving along my pathetic path my reticent way.

I can’t figure out no more amore… contemplating just what to do, how to minisered in my subtle way I swayed.
When the cause and cure lies on my open option … Despite what’s right from wrong is vice versus  as pray !

I see no fruitfulness of dramatic opera in play .. Even  as an fairytale illusion I try to imagine how this game is played..

I feel no security of trust mainly just my lacking hope I will say… Or simply wishing it’s not turning immediately today

..I concluded by sights inducing creative & delusion in perspective my perception gain. I felt my weaknesses, I heard the resentments, I ignored justiciable discrimination from eyes tat preys.

. It’s dawn again it’s just a battle of me & I in self pity chronological replay. .. I  can’t  deny the mind of mine had uncountable brilliant thoughts against my  heart trying so hard to obey.. My mind   Forbids  the compulsiveness  leading to anxiety attacks of insibnificant morbital  negative dismay.

So hard to cope daily I hv no choice I really had to say,

so hard to play this lover role that lacks ability to convey .

So indecisive over this episode I refraint for 3000 days

so much for pleasure in exchange for torments of sharp pain



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