Revisiting Japan revealed My sons ‘ resentment n memories of past vacation ,
situation affirmed his deficits replayed flagging surrender napkins ‘ desperation !

My son n I – we had us !! were friends cum lovers amidst a love hate relation.
both resembles nocturnal species but dozed off least of any ones expectation !

We can feel each other’s heartbeat at a Red Sea death in quality calculation
We both knew its our last trip our last grip
Failing the ability for EMO expression

an extremist woke the monster creativity by a slight wiggle that’s fate I wrapped my own assumption before summarizing with self consoling yet smirking grin !

I m the huge unexpected loud ugly duckling that lay chicken eggs !! If u think its funny — ur humored position I seriously get should share your tickles for balancing my days that focusing left from right accurately !

Being Jus human , for those with curiosity ! – my nature & behavior ain’t common , & definitely extreme to our society of humanity –
Judging from my rating available on accessibility! – It’s either Hate her guts or / but ? love her roughs -that strike a laugh of uncertainty —

n — god was playing no trick but probably hving his tee off oB !! I hv walk a path–that endulgence was once an excessive luxuries but I took the back door n crawled my bleeding kneels bac to ruthless reality ! I asked only for Heath wrt my family n mystery free to my gers I knew how each fairy tale by memorizing the iBook of I M ME – I n no blogger but I hv no one to voice my silly thoughts or mischievous 2 cent thoughts cus I was never part of circle human race – what a waste – still I persisted the embrace – I hv houses but no home – I have men but solitary married me Wth a death contract – I am now smiling cus I finally manage to be completing my biggest task , mission , goals or awards n I longed my life to stay just 2 mins in the light lime – the saddest fact is there wil be no more reason to strive for that breathe as my carefree overrides my sanity – I wan to travel the 7 seas – no burdens no expectations to tear for disappointment session- pray for me it’s getting less oxygen every othe sec with the hour sands — where , what who wen how is the checkmate for the next attack haunts me ‘m I thank u my cult – for the allll most of all to the men I had my reticent which some said I intimidate the men I went out! I speak too frankly to be easily released to public…