Jet sets & runaways to
reduce burdens & depression!
Eliminate expectations , within calculated risk for execution!
Obliviously the voice governs sees contradiction !
Surprisingly unwilling to dwell silly comprehension !

SCT , ADD ? ODD ?OCD ? ? EFDD ! Could just be any such disorientation?
Or could It be me ? Imaginary just blending into morbidity inhibit fabrication?
Awareness of such Could hardly seek empathizing not peer comprehension !
Moving gradually by studies of impairments seized me suffocated !
Living practically by guarding hands that rocks my pathetic cradle !

The countdowns is always a un doubtfully sad moments to me somehow or rather !
The festive season is always a song tat I teared in funerals which I wandered?
Emotional inhibition when friends might not be able to forgive my peculiar behavior !
Frustration within over inability impulsive anger control infused chronic revival ;(

My heart fell rock bottom as I had to sit in as both parental responsibility for my son battles
My anxieties for his manifest of this genetic disorder & his path into social peer stumbles

Prof Russell Barkley’s predicttion of these disorders