Ignorant towards which day and what date has now of no significance value relentless !
Permanent impairments induces infinite morbidity of self reprimanding irregardless !

Apathetic arousal haunts the soul trapping within secluded walls prevents impulsiveness!
Pathetic modality invades HaRt cortex making each dreadful distraction task 4€v€R endless!

This ruthless heritage impaired attacks but this round – it is now moments infinity !
That sparking side within eventually lost within crowd from peers seeking solitarily !

My Burning cores in me whistle a tune of fine !
My inspirations in I diminished without sign !

gifts of vision that inspired in the night instead of light
risks of chronic depression inhibits wrong from right.

the considerate to provide consultation to others – forbidden
the speedy thoughts that jeopardize frontal lobe – forsaken