Numerous awakening, Everest dawn swifted past as time flies .
Glamourous appearings , ambitious key unlocked my silent cries .

Nightfalls! Once showered ravishingly stimulants for ideas
Dawn dews! Still reconstructs all overactive brain molecules ,
Wistful thought of daily horizon by GMT for day light’s appear .
Messages of Amen Barks ,my bedtime lullaby, aclick for rescue.
Self regulation? Self motivation?, Self Generating clueless fear.
Definitions by Russ Barkley’s ! I could recite by heart in queue .

I saw 2 choices of professional’s opinion in my LinkedIn cv
I reckoned! Hate her guts or love her roughs? Extreme like me.

I stumbled lavish path in past, indulgence was excessive materials of luxury !
I escaped frm the back door just to drift away frm ruthless neurotic anxiety !
I prayed only for Heath wrt my family n mystery free for all my gems in generality.
I knew how juvenile to believe in fairy tale! I can’t be mesmerized living reality.
I m but just a spaced out heaven blogger? I am jus spilling cyber inks of muted agony !
I hv no other than me to self reflect , self contradict – self reprimand n self pity ?!
I persisted the humanity race ADDing my diablility to prioritize in my style gracefully !

I m apathy abt my life ain’t going smooth but patch rough –
I see phenomena in individual’s brain coping society tough.

The saddest fact is there wil be no more reason to strive for that ram as my memory overrides my ability to keep those agendas!
to travel the 7 seas and find another inhabit sure is the message I totally received despite of insanity which peers gathers!
The yearning prayers for’ no burdens no expectations to tears in life’ left me a cognition a new reign, an equation , a new chapter!