25th of January just passed ! & all I do recalled is that I had broken the promise yet doubtfully if it was on purposed ?
Or perhaps jus my forgetfulness of overlooking reason immersed ? , ..
The truth is sicken bare ,. To speak my unspoken words . Now I dare..
I am wistful n wan to see my family n I declare..
I am also afraid to imagine re-enter Schipol portair.
I last left with much recollections of haunted night mares
I am in fear also with my myopia n anxiety reoccurs I swear .

I know MS is constantly hoping me to be positive by reciting my whispers
I am appreciative towards this love n care but I know I am hard to decipher

I am one juvenile coward tat can’t reject nor say no!,,
so I just wan u boys to be sure and affirmatively know.. . . . . .
I am one hundred percent sure that I will be back to the Platon .
So I could be walking my brother down the Arles I reckon soon.

I knew this twin bros from a different parents of mine hv intuition within one another as though Ema had a triplet instead of a twin that took place ?.,,
I knew my brothers were monitoring me by my diary in cyber space… So
I am apologizing for staring at the ringing missed calls tat recently too place
I will need to be updated by precise venue and dates so I could plan n pace .

Ik ben misschien niet precies verkeerd of 100% recht. maar ik weet wel mijn Nederlandse familie is altijd op zoek in stilte alleen maar om de pijn of vreugde in me voelen .. dank je. als ik het verkeerd, maar toch …. het is goed om u te bedanken, zodat ik verklaren mijn gave van God is echt.