He made me proud . He made me scream out loud. He is compulsive and aggressive with his games but my patience is extended due to his self awareness that never make me dismay .. From NCC a to SSC – he chosen it alone – faces it alone with 2 nails wedged (ingrown nails due to withdrawal information of a borne flat footer .

Dan was born in 1999, the last year of a new millennium.
Dan is not perfect I can’t deny, but ample to my opinion.

The fact we both shared saving fancy dinners , cake blowing celebration ,
The effect could be my influence upon as I will fly away to avoid invitation.

He is brilliant & wise especially on his own management of financial status.
He is compulsive on his nocturnal gamings & often caught dozing at lessons.
He is simple yet very complex & not too easy to speak his mind adolescence.
He is humble, well liked by well manners if forced in certain circumstances!
He is forgetful, & rages impulsively beyond when provoked with accusations.
He is passive , uninvolved, reticent , while taking his steps with consideration

He heads award winning projects, & serves his sergeant @NCC participation.
He is the reason I smiled, I teared, or to worry & to fear , without any hesitation.
He is a mirror image of how I reflected in a way! Be it bad or good is the question?

I fought to stay alive to make sure he grew fast enough to adapt civilizations
I thought ahead to plan his future with anxiety despite of my own condition !
I brought him into a world that actually traumatized his fatherless situation
I ought to seek treatments as my impairments is eating me on daily function

My hearing gets more sensitive
My impatience is short with agitative
My rages is often regrets after impulsive
My errors in information seemed offensive
My beyond control over my substance abusive
My inability to complete projects of ideas racing intensive
My helplessness to seek, to ask , to beg for aids & alternatives

My words of silence , my urge just to stabilize from morbidity.
My plans , my missal couldn’t fire on the launch pad sound pity.