For the longest time I haven’t been able to finish any project tat was constantly storming my wandering mind !! & not being productive mainly due to the procrastination ! My worst impairments I dread !! everything wasnt working ! 

I’m almost at the verge of reprimanding the atoms deficits deteriating in me. My goals in life was more then just  to only be active , n compulsively competitive with computer games scores idiotically    but nonetheless no other onehad  to worry!!

I trusted RB – BOB , Calvin but not kiki to focus n recognize  !! 

I need the team to let me know what was the cause of my brain ‘s neurologic handicap in precise 

since it was just the deprivation from my past that I went back to scychronize why is it the fact that I cannot say no to anyone squeezed it I cannot sympathize the little silent cries accumulated  for long blasted like a Kayak capsized !

 I again subconsciously turn away and avoid instead of saying no !!!! I wan out from digging my own grace from this trumIdize ! 

I runaway I hide away!! Just like me n the recollection of i in the past paradize ! 


Massa. Felippe
the tower from ritz Carl - i selfied it with IMME Style     it
its my myopia. tat caused. trumadidize

Some told me that the sentence I form or word I wrote is hard task for one to decipher n almost non could comprehend in summarize len !

Well ! I kind of gotten so use to tat with self awareness for self criticize ! 

I reckoned person !!! Tat R not really on the same chemistry I seek from. Thee no  empathize — so long ifs here’s still one voice  to answer – to comprehend – one voice just to Justify my persisance to get me fix in neurology sciences 

I will definitely respond because these I have someone to talk to I definitely agree affirmatively  

Many times I would have to chase with my own thoughts trying to keep up what I’m thinking seriously and the station right now I think I think Bob I think Calvin for accompanying me and giving me encouragement towards choice that I have Decided n made all this point of time to say that for fun The fun thing about talking to someone you really rest back in then so much more like I was to what is the worst drug in the world ?? The correct answer is that adrenalin rush – — the ultimate scary addicting disorders- is to seek full thrills  with no fear !!to seek for excitement just to get them aroused  I m definitely facing this kind of situation right now !!
I am also Sharing my feelings my express it never to seek  sympathy or a pardon I didn’t need any empathizing sympathize! The truth is so very sad !! The lord is my Shepard ! I shall NOT FEAR — amen ! I fear the worries that’s 2 decades ahead ! I fear the height n length of time is too little!! I fear no death – Cus I am living by the moments !  My morbid twin jus played a villain on me ! I am said to b intimidating lady To the men !! Men – they love u with total affections – but the fairy tale dint had a great ending ! Now ! The dawn is near !! I had to draw those bloody shades to slumber sedativeLY – I am — silence is golden –
Ps Dr Calvin 10am 
Art friend BB 1300
Clark quay roller coast reunion 1800
Factory to collet 10 pcs of completed 3d decoupage finish products  
This is my tale – a bubbly personality hides a deprivation past in real !! To b con 

my golfing lover     its passionate art   rhydochrodisite  

the task is to help 2 of my golfing gals – in their forecasted preferred gems  – make it into a daily wear -if possible not to remove to prevent from losing the protection -/