walking in space yet un able to forgive the haunting thoughts tat keep recycling on my racing heart beats &Pulse Rate faster than light speed     !! 

Aftermath of having the impeccable  experience of “dozing off ” while my trust gradually after 4 sessions with my shrink & 6 sessions finally brainwashed the mind to really take  psychiatry prescription – from my psychiatrist tat I held bk no lie !  –my  total truth  landed me literally smashed my RIMs & wheels along the curb of a carpark I go too very often .. The occasion was jus after an old friend tat also suffered reticently from similar anxiety disorder & I was the only penny tat she would wan to laugh with !! The dinner ended 9ish & I went off somewhat floating back to the car — very relaxed after the 10mg ZYPREXA – I took but I didn’t even start my day off with the 34MG concerta cya the drug just supressed my eager appetite and I wan to make 2 foolish dime really enjoy and treasure the comfort food we dine !! It’ did not warn me tat I may not react like other kind — &  after a meal  at 10pm –?? Heading home is all tats on my mind & to just doze off is not possible not fine!!!  

I’m self contemplating- the self contraction is the root related to  the only  RIGHTFUL add-ons!!  Again ‘ I halted! I escaped, I defined – 

– I am not sure what I should be thinking but the fact that I can’t function without err is fuming me insane ! I’m considered a defensive driver ! seeing my impairments could endanger the lives of innocences- I declare – I dare – I share my addiction without the truth spare ! but my case could be another phenomenon as self treated wet way too araggant! too furiously curious kills itself permenent! the 4 rims n bumper definitely had to be right by sight by the time I hideaway in the mountains of the globe in opposite side !    zzzzzz  

we r both pychologically foololush
my truth ending up in silent agonies
the reunion was my motivation
my gift extends to her husband