Words could No longer spilled cus the ink couldn’t ditate fast enough of the mind endless narrate ! Reticent could be more lucid as speed light racing thoughts intensify  myopic due to procrastinate ! ! 

The last 10 years !! I don’t recall because its been a misty masquerade ! 

The son that I try never to be too hash has backfired demonstrate ! – 

The school informed personally of his absence  A-Math Exams deliberate !  

I am not asking  nor hoping for him to get distinction ‘! 

I am trying to lay his fundamental for future preparation ! 

His compulsive gamings now again is my guilt for his liberation ! 

His every moves is not too easy for general peers as in comprehension! 

I am the root of his impairing symptoms without deny or explanation ! 

Jus travel jus avoid jus hoping just solitary is my best cushion  

Despite facts he does dozed off wen his selective booster goes FLIGHT MODE – 

Looking at his credits & merits tat he kept discreet – I may not be organized but I hv a folder to refer as appraisal b4 my impulsive triggered aggression tat will lead me straight to hell skipping regrets! 

Tell me I contribute ZERO to his certificates!! ?? 

From ACS barker ? Thrifty never splurge on cabs ?! 

Morales & cherish value of every penny deserve my respect ! 

In case no one bothers – I had play dad & mom role – it’s lucid fact 

My options for critics is welcome to improvise my imperfect