-local label –

  There’s so much one could cope.. 


Rich@rD MiLL€
Grand Hyatt Concept Boutique opening

 The path to build a dream!
The solo within does scream !
The hurdles ain’t easy as seemed As daily battling with impairments of extreme? 
To build an emerging label tend to be the initial intend 

To sustain single handedly induced anxieties no1 can prevent ..

the birth of kikis

春来花自青 – 秋至叶飘零

人生有八苦:生,老,病,死,爱别离,怨长久,求不得,放不下。命由己造,相由心生,世间万物皆是化相,心不动,万物皆不动,心不变,万物皆不变! 坐亦禅,行亦禅,一花一世界,一叶一如来,春来花自青,秋至叶飘零,

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