I speak for those whom I felt they tapped and poked upon my FB media Interference –

I regconized the reticent way but indirect yet constant acknowledge gesture  -;) !

I was never quite alone after a year of reality survival I learned thru solace acceptance –

I saw amongst us how  OUR 10percent of giftedness amazingly cross path in mutual !!
As quiet as not to raise judging labelled as priotiized – some accommodate symptoms bearable to their peers – while disorder arises only when one faced impairments which often attempt to camouflage back into real life in silence –

But their caring heart , their unconditional touch felt all my shivering battle with warmth and assurance –

So often critiscized by public as a form of deception leading social peers in the Pyschology field for bargaining state of certified privileges that the United States had yet  given the inattentive “I” only category the SCTS a name endorsing the new DSM 5 to scale its value of the disorders’ nature … – ???

itrusttheresagodbutidontrelyonhimto problemsolve

” Impermanence is the rising, passing and changing of things that have into being or have arisen. This means that these things never persist in the same way, but are vanishing, changing, dissolving from moment to moment.”
While some less fortunate endure defenseless silence, battling alone apathetically to pass daily life by living in the moment! – myopic within a world reviving upon forever a now ! an inevitable time blindness cursed whereby often judged as an irresponsible behavioral act , an extremely lacking persistency or will power to attain or achieve !! –

So as ironically it may much seemed , undoubtedly ridiculous old tales about a disease revolving some issues of unclear attention definitions!! Perhaps vivid facts of it generally by generic inheritance! A mystical suspense leading a profundity phonemic lists of symptoms which differs individually upon manifesting & transpiring such impairments end results into a peculiar disorder of

– “Performance” , not skills ! dysfunctional disability
à “Doing what u know but not knowing what to do !! “