It’s been a long SHUT eye! But this is nothin compared older recollection !!
Its only reasonable an old lady needs her rest wen the brain calls 4 attention !!!

Which I am more than used to the looney I 😉 Than any others  But gratitudes 4 all concerns from FB tat really im thankful I’m more than we’ll just to update those I heartedly drown with love just so so RECENT!  My appreciated hatch day wishing from pms every individual spells – it’s a blessing I relaized I was dwelled!
General majorities could comprehend the definition to Mood swing!!

True definition disabling motivation of low arousal & apathy plays KING !

–My prejivelation Vs my procrastination —

–The hypo activity Versus the Lethargy!  —

Showing too much too raw not up 2 me It’s not the a gift when it’s now my story!
The inability to explain ain’t NO tragedy

Too emotional too loud Falling carelessly

It’s now how 1 accepts & perceives positively!
While I often find see the majority questioned why? She’s HIGH!!!????

The play instinct in me inevitably asked WHY NOT.. ? It is my detest to defy!
Not attempting to be indifferent from the rest of the world’s but subconsciously weighin final execution to each scenario of all possible perspective case study !
It’s splendid ! A Putter for leisure Golf is of the last choice of purchase & not wat seemed essential as there’s a dozen home from 2 Decades collection !!

It’s JUNE ! more reason 2 indulge me wth this unique “oneofakind” Weird, loud & lavish price tag of half a grand “Titilest” 2 aid mydyslexic situation!!
Blame no soul & pardon the bad name left for such giftedness DEFICITs

Acceptance & selfsooth beta b a little rewarding 2 Sept wistful Phuket golf trip
REGRETS.. I’ don’t hv tat word in my DICT since the day I define as “stupid
Now tats vivid to all my gf golf mates .!!

I wan to ThAnK sincerely & appreciate ..

With neurological impaired demonstrate

Im blessed 4 understandings ppl debate

So selective so careless yet in-deliberate

Y3 , adidas .”,