The soul in I battled breathlessly, subconsciously self reprimanding- 
The more of knowledge & truth suffers helplessly endless frustrating !
The wishful thought to salvage marital status of a gem is diminishing.
The marriage cornered both by chronicles aggressiveness adapting. 
The emotional impulsiveness inevitably contributed self destructing.
The love ones with deficits now struggles impairments manifesting.,  
The scenario immersed my past recollections of similar agonizing.

The friendship cherished prompts me of useless attempted persuading. 
The sluggish induced lethargy despite my usual substance stimulating.

A splendid entourage roams itself apart sparingly 
A juvenile reflection mirrored it’s mind wanderingly

The prayer for God’s Miracle is my yearnings for my silence .
The final decision depends on the couple’s will of acceptance.
 with complicated sentiments , by lawful vowed commitments. 
WHY be defeated by such coherent ? Where’s the passion element..? 

It’s now or Never — 

No matter How much enormous effort My perseverance persist …

 So much I dreamt battling to persist.. So little achieved insist…

No matter how much knowledge of the impairment consist .

So hard for general to believe, to accept, to accommodate &  NOT to resist “,!