Like my clear message to empathizing gems – it not up to me to feel belittled- too childish – as the self regulation of generating raw emotion gradually grew too rapidly when I recalled all the extreme measures of my devotion has no deniable facts of me abusing my delayed development of the posterior mind since I was an abusive happy mid twenties with sincerest devotion into the society – always not too carried away if any one is to detest I sincerely open to any comments ! I insist , I really must ,,, that might regained my selective erased past 

Recently resenting I When so often being accused of not LISTENING  & raps impulsivity in other’s line -& tats to me rude & NOT fine  !! 

Anxiously coping life Which seemed  so tedious & breathless to survive ? with RETARDATION at the posterior part of mind!

Indeed – reality is never quite a cocoon of mine!

Frustrating situation to my routine trainer for my disrespect selfmotivated now diminish !

Confusing instructions to tell my left from right in mirror images harden to extinguish ! 

Contemplating decisions set me up another trip of dozing defines Researchers – Sluggish! 

Reprimanding the auto gate trapped  me yet again in a premises I am responsible 4 foolish 

Cursing the fused of Internet box the same day in a nest I build ! Thus what’s accomplish? Now in fact of sluggish tale that lies behind my helplessness after my many hidden cries tat I whisper silently – not to gain pity ! Not to get sanity – just speaking for so many of those in chronic similarity — 

Widely travelled with a vision in photography I could never snap a scenic that horizon of straight parallel ! 

Is this the giftedness of sight I am absolutely not trusting are they talents or are they qualitative incoherence  ?!