Prior to disembark back to LALAland , I had this long discussion with JP, ( The only person that speaks & suffering my lingo plus ordeal . .. And I just seemed to have the instinct. Tat he is calling me in reticence for answers which I am also under the same spell – tat moment.. , we had always been talking but we make space & never hung out for one reason.. I told him – we r family but I know I might lost my only comprehensive partner ( humans – sane or insane , does subconsciously takes things for granted – tats the epitome of true humanity.. But wen I find new possible hopes and resourceful information.. He will always be there to give his true opinion ( it’s never an easy task to get that entire bond of TRUST from our ever changing mind.. – through his advise 1 year ago reminded me to seek treatment on my ADHD. — just a month ago, his relationship with his mom that he dote all his life but conflicts each other with aggression when I explained the theory of our disability of self regulating the emotional part often too raw expressed… and selective aggressiveness made our unique trait having unnecessary civil war with ONLY THE DEAREST AND NEAREST kin of family & this information, was of help to rekindle that love hate relationship that seemed so phenomenal .   

I had him to thank for being able to handle acceptance of our giftedness therefore , the tie between us is something I had cautious strategic to prolong with my foresight & this round.. . We r sending messages from 2 diff countries, both self debating, self contradicting, self reprimanding, coincidentally .. Away in 2 foreign country.. Our consoling session that is DOLLAR FREE – hassle free via cyber messaging lasted til dAwn submerge for the flight we both could never ever dare to sleep with only one concern that general population wil not even be anxious about missing or mishaps to the flight planned .. Both heading back hometown.. But both too anxious of being late for the too early preparing flight….  

Both zombies .. Both pondered .. Both just TIME BLINDNESS -a far sighted towards future -both Living in the moment, both a Just pacing and frustrated over self reprimanding, & self contradiction.
I suggested from my 9 months of knowledge gained that a non stimulant drug tat helps the sluggish, ecliptic ,morbidity , mortality and emotional regulation STRATTERA might as well be a try to help us cope with the sanity society .. To us hell living toward judgmental sociology critics … The mind wandering plays their part in US of wanting to be anywhere except where we r now… .. ( logically explains our fatal numerous falling into ditches & drains, careless injuries , accused substance abusing accident proneness ) … In the last decade .. I had to ask him to go straight to the 12 min of professor RB.s hypos on the treatment in the following link … Now that I could eased my mind and make sure tat this life engagement drug STRATTERA he also agreed why not since we tried so hard n my psychiatric consultation bills sums up to average 800SGD a month does little aid but induces more chronic. … 

And little does anyone could empathize the contents in CONCERTA & ADDRALL in specific chemistry breakdown of composition ‘s definition all abt. … -12 12min

On the kris world inflight movies selection on my way home — the Hong Kong production , movie with a extreme impact title ” INSANITY ” (-in Cantonese , my mother tongue language) caught my instant compelling urge to watch it. And I did.. 
       📍N$@Nℹ️T¥ 🎥🔑💉💹🚻🉑🉐

Psychological thrillers are almost always predictable because of the genre, so you’re left with being excited about the ride. These kinds of movies are always difficult, because of the genre conventions and the temptation to incorporate psychobablle and name-dropping. I’m not saying that happens here, I’m just trying to explain that a literal psychological thriller is always a very tough movie to make well. The keys to it are the script and the cast. 
The movie cast some questions to my wandering thoughts … The society discrimination over chronic patients — ( tats of quantitative differences like someone taller or shorter , skinner or fatter next to u) the inner struggle to be adapting to workforce and depending on individual cases of stress and mortality .. ) causes a stunning number of suicide cases in United States of America .. 34,000 annually which sums up doubling the numbers of homicide cases . with exact figure fact reference by Dr THOMAS INSEL.